Thursday, July 1, 2010

Skymiles Experience

Two years ago, my company sponsored me for training to Lexington, USA. A colleague told me to ask our travel desk if I already have a ticket so that he will teach me how to enroll in NWA worldperks since he was connected with Expedia before. I called our travel desk and told me that I already have my ticket. I log on to NWA Worldperks and enrolled my account at Northwest Airlines (now merged with Delta Airlines).

After 2 weeks, I received a card from NWA as a membership for their perks. The card looks like below but I also had the Skymiles from Delta since they are merged.

After boarding NWA to and from USA, I got several miles. I did not know that it can actually purchase you goods and services. When I tried browsing at their site, omg! It really can... Just in time that I am planning to booked a hotel in Boracay, I was able to used it. The best hotel that they can offer for at least 3 nights which can avail all my miles is in Crown Regency Prince Resort in Bora. It was indeed a relief since I and my partner was able to save time looking for accomodation at the same time money for the hotel.

It's really nice to fly with a lot of perks! So if I were you, be informed and you will see what's benefit awaits for you...


  1. @Dhon-hehehe! Guilty ka sa relief of comfort..
    @Nimmy-thanks for dropping by. Newbie here and followed your blog already.

  2. wow. opportunities like that don't come often. (= lucky you.

  3. @devil_under_light-you're right..thanks to my colleague for the info. ;-)