Friday, July 2, 2010

Building Relationship with HSBC

When I was searching for some documents in my pedestal, I came to sneak the printed check from HSBC. This was the biggest offer they gave me after 6 times of declining (hehehe. I don't need extra cash, yabang!) the privilege grant to avail their loan. The check looks like this.

I've been under the arms of HSBC since 2006 after I close my accounts in JCB and Citibank. I find it very usefull if you use your credit card wisely. Since I have a very good credit standing with HSBC, all my annual fees are being reversed. They offer a lot of promos if you use your card which I also grabbed. The coolest item I received from them was the Kenneth Cole Reaction wallet.

I also had several reversals of my finance charge and interest if you will call them and make some deal (that depends on your credit standing =). They offer you GC's, discounts and currently treat to Starbucks!

Just a reminder, if you are the type of person who spend more than what you earned, please refrain from using credit cards. Later you will realize that you're bank account is just a pit stop from your monthly income 'coz it will just be rerouted to your credit card bills. hehehe...Just spend wisely and use your cards for emergency matters. The lesser you use your card the more the card network will give you offer so control yourself from the temptation.


  1. I agree!!!!!! :D sana i learned this lesson earlier..

  2. @Dhon-base on experience? at least lesson learned...;-)

  3. @tim-Thank you! and thanks for dropping by!