Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mouthful Calzone

I missed eating Yellow Cab Calzone! When we went to Ayala for window shopping while sniffing the cold air since it's rainy season now and not to mention the typhoon that hit our kababayan in the northern part of the country, something cross my mind.... grab a mouthful calzone! Since my partner used to eat pizza at yellow cab before, I offered him trying their calzone. We ordered ham and pepperoni to go since we're also planning to spend sometime at our usual past time, Tekken games...hehehe. Sad to say that Circuit City Computer games are closed already, tart told me "we can go to Starbucks and grab our favorite frap then we can eat the pizza there", well ako naman pa cute "sure! i love it!".

So we ended up reminiscing the past during the good times where we mostly spend our Sundays at Starbucks while eating the mouth watering calzone and the thirst quencher frap! I had a satisfying dinner, then after some chitchat we went back to the office, business as usual!

If you want you may check out their calzone for only P/295 which is good for 2pax already and it's 4 slices. They actually have 3 choices of flavors according to your taste and diet. Bon appetit!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cebu Pacific at Its Best!

I can't wait to travel again! Cebu Pacific brings you to any destinations in the country or even beyond at a lower cost (As in super low). This weekend embarks a new experience again flying with their aircraft since Manila and Tagaytay are our next destinations. After a very tiring, fun, exciting and memorable sea, sand and sun burning escpade at Bora, we decided to meet folks and socialize with the urban elite in Manila...Hahaha as if we got to meet the socialize elite....Maybe the marginalized people...;-)

Though I've been in Manila for so many times, I am excited for the fact that this travel is for fun and not business related. Since before, I used to visit Manila for business trip in my previous company and sometimes vacation, visiting my sisters and pamangkins. In fact, my 1st time landing in the capital city of the country was when I was grade 5 maybe around 12 years old...That was history! hahaha...

Anyway, I really love to travel. That's why when Cebu Pacific announces seat sale, I always grab the chance and plan a trip ahead (well subscription to their email is a must to get the latest updates!). Of course! Don't forget to file your leaves if in case your flying out of rest days...

If you wan't you can always log on to their site @ for more infos... Have a nice trip and see you Manila in 4 days! muah!!!

Mutual Agreement

A contract is said to be binding when there's a mutual agreement between parties which of course has specific remedies for breach. But for some reason, how can a company reinforce contract which is not determinate; meaning, the date is not fixed and of course the amount is estimated.

It's really a disappointment when my so called "resignation" was retracted due to vague contract. When I was sent to Singapore and US for the training (as if I learned something new) of the newly transitioned task, I was bound with a contract to render service for my current company. I signed the papers of course since it's only 12mos of being tied up. I know the stipulation in the contract that the amount is just an estimates of the total travel cost.

A month ago, I tendered my resignation since I already had my ticket for Singapore to look for a greener pasture. Everything has been settled including my stay there. I was expecting that the contract will expire last month since I know I had another contract for 6mos due to my extension. A week prior to my effective date, our finance department told me that I can't be cleared from them since my contract is 2 years. WTF! They gave me a calculation and I need to pay more than 71k for the remaining mos?! It was indeed a headache that moment and I can't move on for some reasons. First, I don't want to leave my company with unsettled accountabilities and not being cleared (since I need the clearance at SG); and 2nd, I don't want to pay the 71k since I don't have enough money paying such big amount considering I am still risking myself hunting a new job out of the country. Decision? Retract my resignation untill December this year! hahaha...First time in history that a resignation's effective date is 5 long mos. Why not?!

I've learned from a reliable source that I can exercise my rights. But I don't want to be tag as an employee who sues his employer. So, I decided just to leave the piece out in the blue and extend my stay with my company. I've learned that life isn't always worth fighting for... You also need to be submissive in order to learn more about life and not being arrogant and dominating as if there's no room for improvements...

Life is a matter of choice if you agree or not, it's not about destiny...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Building Relationship with HSBC

When I was searching for some documents in my pedestal, I came to sneak the printed check from HSBC. This was the biggest offer they gave me after 6 times of declining (hehehe. I don't need extra cash, yabang!) the privilege grant to avail their loan. The check looks like this.

I've been under the arms of HSBC since 2006 after I close my accounts in JCB and Citibank. I find it very usefull if you use your credit card wisely. Since I have a very good credit standing with HSBC, all my annual fees are being reversed. They offer a lot of promos if you use your card which I also grabbed. The coolest item I received from them was the Kenneth Cole Reaction wallet.

I also had several reversals of my finance charge and interest if you will call them and make some deal (that depends on your credit standing =). They offer you GC's, discounts and currently treat to Starbucks!

Just a reminder, if you are the type of person who spend more than what you earned, please refrain from using credit cards. Later you will realize that you're bank account is just a pit stop from your monthly income 'coz it will just be rerouted to your credit card bills. hehehe...Just spend wisely and use your cards for emergency matters. The lesser you use your card the more the card network will give you offer so control yourself from the temptation.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Skymiles Experience

Two years ago, my company sponsored me for training to Lexington, USA. A colleague told me to ask our travel desk if I already have a ticket so that he will teach me how to enroll in NWA worldperks since he was connected with Expedia before. I called our travel desk and told me that I already have my ticket. I log on to NWA Worldperks and enrolled my account at Northwest Airlines (now merged with Delta Airlines).

After 2 weeks, I received a card from NWA as a membership for their perks. The card looks like below but I also had the Skymiles from Delta since they are merged.

After boarding NWA to and from USA, I got several miles. I did not know that it can actually purchase you goods and services. When I tried browsing at their site, omg! It really can... Just in time that I am planning to booked a hotel in Boracay, I was able to used it. The best hotel that they can offer for at least 3 nights which can avail all my miles is in Crown Regency Prince Resort in Bora. It was indeed a relief since I and my partner was able to save time looking for accomodation at the same time money for the hotel.

It's really nice to fly with a lot of perks! So if I were you, be informed and you will see what's benefit awaits for you...