Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Journey

They said, a long travel start with a single step. Of course traveling is one of my favorite escapades after stressful work. It is one way of pampering myself and enjoy the serene moments of the place when I am at the beach or mountain. Or somehow killing myself going out late at night partying, drinking till drunk and grasping the smoke all you can at the bar with nocturnal friends...

After encouragement of my special someone, I started the world of blog since I am a traveler and love eating and partying. Somehow, I can share to all bloggers what's the best place, events, food, dates so on and so forth about the Philippines or maybe outside the country...

When I was still in college, I've been busy with studies and my extra curricular activities. After knowing (just before graduation) that my scholarship in high school will not continue till college, my desire of being a MedTech suddenly turn to an Accountant since it is cheaper than the latter course. I was been a service crew at Greenwich and a Store Marketing Assistant at Jollibee 2 years later. My world does not only evolve in school, church and work but as well as attending activities out of town, as a member of DIWANAG Dance Theater in school. I've been out of town in Bohol to perform showcasing not only modern dances but as well as Bohol's history and pride in a form of dance theater. I am so grateful to the troupe since I got 100% free tuition fee as an officer. I got the chance to fly Manila via Cebu Pacific (was my 1st time to board in plane though) to represent the tourism in Bohol at the Glorietta Makati. We performed several times in Cebu at Ayala Center and USC.

Graduation in college signifies not only the end of life's struggle but it is now the beginning of the real battle of life. Just after graduation, I went to Manila to have my review for the CPA board exam. Overwhelmed with the biggest City in the country, I spend a lot of times going out and enjoy the company of friends. Not to mention the naughtiness since Manila can offer everything..hehehe... They said, when you got to live Manila, you will see the real you...Well, who knows what I've been looking for that time...Actually a college ex girlfriend went there just to see me... I got to experienced movie alone and see what's going on inside hehehe, the traffic, dusty roads, night clubs, everything you can see in Manila...After the board, I applied a job as an accounting staff. Apparently, it didn't work out since I can't deal with long hour travel during busy hours in the road and waking up early to catch up your schedules.

My next destination was in Iloilo. I decided to stop over this place before going back to Bohol to see my sister and her family as well as a friend. I got to love the place because it's near Boracay where my friend brought me there all expense paid. (clap3x) Since I was bored staying for a month without earning at all, I decided to apply for a job and was fortunately hired and was sent to Manila for the interview and training. I had the chance to go back to Iloilo for 2 weeks prior to my new assignment in Bacolod for the on site hands on. As I recall, the nice place to hang out there was Convan, Barracks and Vega...

Here we go Bacolod, where I learned everything including nasty things. yikes! There's a lot of things happened in this place and can't narrate them all. Maybe next time. I had the longest girlfriend (9mos only hehehe) in Bacolod (let's just call her Tina) and she's actually the daughter of my manager.. haneeeppp.. flawless and very sexy...They said I am pervert but not really.. Prior meeting her, I had an acquaintance also to one of the employee (let's just tag her as Juana) at EPCI (BDO) who cried and fight me after knowing that I am going to leave her coz I found a new one. Do you know where we fought? After treating me at Pizza Hut(where I confessed), she brought me to a place and there you go...expressing her anger and sobbing due to what had happen... Well after that, we had our goodbye you know...hahaha... For that reason, my good relationship with the bank turned to bitterness.. They will not allow my utility to get in after 3pm unlike before. Much to her surprise, I brought with me my new gf in the bank and there, her eyes are staring to us as if trying to eat both of us. Let's leave that piece for now and let's not disclose the story of Tina.

After a tremendous experienced at Bacolod, I moved in to Cebu where I am very familiar with. It is just beside my hometown Bohol and very accessible. I need a lot of work to do in this branch since audit is very hot and miticulous in their expenses and disbursements. Party is very high the fact that it was my first time to be admitted at Chong Hua Hospital due to stress and fatigue after 3 consecutive nights of drinking. I got acute severe pneumonia, high in uric acid (due to alcohol since it's still 8 hrs hehehe), pharyngitis due to smoke and fever...Gosh! I just had a very nice vacation for 3 days at the hospital alone...huhuhu...I can't imagine myself packing my things and admitting awful..Another wild experienced was when I got super drunk at The Village Courtyard due to Tequila..I think this kind of alcoholic drinks is a traitor one. I was enjoying the last sip of the bottle and went to the ramp to dance with the crowd but it seems that when I was dancing the surroundings went black. All of a sudden I jumped from the ramp and can't even lift myself out from the floor after falling. My friends were worried if I am ok and we then left the club after paying the bill. All I remembered was when I woke up, my clothes was changed, I smell like I vomited, and my head was burning in hell. Lesson learned...Drink moderately. hehehe

The journey continues to Davao after I asked my boss to transfer me there knowing that it's a newly opened branch. The people there are cool...Very clean and big city. It's even low cost of living. The office is just beside MTS and fronting Ateneo De Davao Elem. & HS. The water is awesome, you don't need to buy mineral water for drinking. You can safely drink direct from the faucet...*thumbs up! In Davao, you can explore the beautiful places there like Samal Island, Eden Park, Jack's Ridge and party at night at MTS, The Venue and Promenade are my best choices.

To simply end this blog because I need to park now, the last destination is here in Cebu City. Since I was promoted to handle the branch in Cebu, I grabbed the opportunity. It was a privelege since I covered Bohol, Leyte and Negros. I've been traveling twice a month to visit our satellite operations. I got to meet a lot of people and visit different kind of places. My career doesn't ended in my previous company. After almost 5 years of rendering my service, I quit not because am a looser but because I need new environment. I widen up my horizon and embraced my new employer Lexmark. It's here where I learned so much about life and the business arena. It's nice to know that somehow, you're working with competitive professionals and ass kissing employee as well. I've been working with different companies and I guess it's normal in a business organization.(Bato2 sa langit tamaan wag sana magalit) I am so proud with Lexmark as an employer because they offer a very good benefits and high paying job. Needless to say, this is already my 2nd home and my 2nd family. Grateful of the US visa for 10 years and the opportunity to travel both Singapore and US. The fond and excitement are always be treasured.

Life still continues. The journey just started. There's still a lot of things to happen at my age now. I will never stop dreaming and believing. For only then we can say that life has really something to offer if we all have the determination and passion on the things that we like. Just like this blog, I am too late but it's better than never...God Bless!...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Perfect Insanity...

Come inside and be afraid
Of this impressive mess I've made
If you take a look now you will find
I have thrown away my vice
Done away with paradise
See what's going on inside my mind
Please let me out...

Branded like an animal
I can still feel them burning my mind
I do believe that you made your message clear
I think I am losing my mind...

Depriving, isolating all that I feel
Leaving me with images I know are not real
Are those words of condemnation that I hear...

Come inside now I implore
Do you think you can restore
The crucial pieces missing from my brain
What seems to be the matter dear
Why do you cry and shake with fear
I've only had the best dub me insane...

Don't know how much I can take
Secret thoughts inside me wake
I've lost what it was within me
Oh sweet insanity...

Now I try again to find
The thing that was my mind
Behold the undersigned
Cause then I've lost my mind...

Please don’t ask me…

If I would be asked for a wish,
I wish to wake up everyday
To the sound of someone’s breath on my neck,
the warmth of the body next to mine,
the touch of the hands on my skin,
and the feeling of the heart, beating with mine.
Knowing that I could never find that feeling,
to someone I am not dreaming.

If there’s anyone with a gentle word,
Who speaks with sweet honesty and truth..
Like a spark of light that illuminates my soul,
A devotion that can even make the angry waves still,
Or a caring heart that keeps me out of the rain,
With the LOVE as the ultimate roof,
And the reason to complete me as a whole,
Then you might be the one that I been waiting for…

I want to be with someone very special,
the one I can always lean on and depend,
to be there through the years, sharing laughter and tears,
as a partner, a lover, a buddy, a friend,
whatever words you used to comprehend.
I've learned the full meaning of sharing and caring
and having dreams all come true and fulfilling;
Please don't ask me if I know how to LOVE
Because I've learned to be in love and be loved...


Oceans Apart

I've been dreaming of improving my writing skills ever since when I was in high school. The eagerness to draft write ups and all the simple phrases that comes into my mind just sift away due to unforeseen circumstances. As my first write up, I want to share this poem when I was ocean's apart...

The world is so round
Far enough to reach you around
Even in my silence
You seems so near
Yet when I open up my eyes
Your voice still lingers in my ears...

It's so sad to know from the start
The two of us are oceans apart
I know someday our roads will cross
Coz life is designed, always for a purpose...

People may think i am in despair
Fooling myself to whatever is real
Of having someone I can never own
It's like facing the strongest wind that has blown
Hard enough to make one fall
To make him realize once and for all...

Life is always a battle
You will never know who wins or loses
The victory is for you to toss
Though losing for you, is another story
What matters most is you did it sincerely
To let the world know that you are worthy...

Let this message fly like a bird
Spreading its wings just to be heard
By someone he misses everyday that passes by
Like the beautiful music of a sweet lullaby...