Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cebu Pacific at Its Best!

I can't wait to travel again! Cebu Pacific brings you to any destinations in the country or even beyond at a lower cost (As in super low). This weekend embarks a new experience again flying with their aircraft since Manila and Tagaytay are our next destinations. After a very tiring, fun, exciting and memorable sea, sand and sun burning escpade at Bora, we decided to meet folks and socialize with the urban elite in Manila...Hahaha as if we got to meet the socialize elite....Maybe the marginalized people...;-)

Though I've been in Manila for so many times, I am excited for the fact that this travel is for fun and not business related. Since before, I used to visit Manila for business trip in my previous company and sometimes vacation, visiting my sisters and pamangkins. In fact, my 1st time landing in the capital city of the country was when I was grade 5 maybe around 12 years old...That was history! hahaha...

Anyway, I really love to travel. That's why when Cebu Pacific announces seat sale, I always grab the chance and plan a trip ahead (well subscription to their email is a must to get the latest updates!). Of course! Don't forget to file your leaves if in case your flying out of rest days...

If you wan't you can always log on to their site @ http://www.cebupacificair.com/ for more infos... Have a nice trip and see you Manila in 4 days! muah!!!