Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shocking Truth - Apartment

I've been living independently for almost 10 years now since I started working way back 2001. I was just alarmed today since I came in the office without taking a bath. Waaaah.... No water in the apartment!!! I woke up around 2pm and getting ready for my daily routine, going to the rest room to cool off before heading to the office. To my surprise, there's no water available for shower except for the 1/4 pale of water. What I did was just wash my face and wet my hair to look fresh. hehehe...(can you relate?) Well, what's the used of your perfume in order to smell you more comfortable and refreshing...hahaha... So I went to the office looking fresh outside but not as cool as inside. ;-)

What's pissing me off is the idea that it's been raining daily and no water available in our apartment. To think this is the most expensive pad I've stayed ever since I vanished my home sweet home...What's more annoying is that our rest room (which is most important) is useless since we can't make use of it the fact that the water can't go up to the 2nd level where we are located. We need to go down and use the common rest room which is not really that clean and sometimes smells nasty. One thing as well, there's a leak in the tank above which causes the water to flow towards the room just below our place and that will cause you trouble since they will blame you for that... Oh crap! I wanna get out from this place... I have 1 month more to struggle...

It's really nice to check everything before moving in to a place before you will realize the trouble it cause to you! Looking forward to stay in a place where work and paradise meet together. hahaha!