Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mouthful Calzone

I missed eating Yellow Cab Calzone! When we went to Ayala for window shopping while sniffing the cold air since it's rainy season now and not to mention the typhoon that hit our kababayan in the northern part of the country, something cross my mind.... grab a mouthful calzone! Since my partner used to eat pizza at yellow cab before, I offered him trying their calzone. We ordered ham and pepperoni to go since we're also planning to spend sometime at our usual past time, Tekken games...hehehe. Sad to say that Circuit City Computer games are closed already, tart told me "we can go to Starbucks and grab our favorite frap then we can eat the pizza there", well ako naman pa cute "sure! i love it!".

So we ended up reminiscing the past during the good times where we mostly spend our Sundays at Starbucks while eating the mouth watering calzone and the thirst quencher frap! I had a satisfying dinner, then after some chitchat we went back to the office, business as usual!

If you want you may check out their calzone for only P/295 which is good for 2pax already and it's 4 slices. They actually have 3 choices of flavors according to your taste and diet. Bon appetit!


  1. Yum Yum! the first time i ate calzone.. i had no idea it was that big and rich! :) to get rid of the guilt.. Green Tea frap.. SB mode afterwards!

  2. hahaha! so true... lami katulog jud...