Friday, June 18, 2010

Perfect Insanity...

Come inside and be afraid
Of this impressive mess I've made
If you take a look now you will find
I have thrown away my vice
Done away with paradise
See what's going on inside my mind
Please let me out...

Branded like an animal
I can still feel them burning my mind
I do believe that you made your message clear
I think I am losing my mind...

Depriving, isolating all that I feel
Leaving me with images I know are not real
Are those words of condemnation that I hear...

Come inside now I implore
Do you think you can restore
The crucial pieces missing from my brain
What seems to be the matter dear
Why do you cry and shake with fear
I've only had the best dub me insane...

Don't know how much I can take
Secret thoughts inside me wake
I've lost what it was within me
Oh sweet insanity...

Now I try again to find
The thing that was my mind
Behold the undersigned
Cause then I've lost my mind...