Friday, June 18, 2010

Oceans Apart

I've been dreaming of improving my writing skills ever since when I was in high school. The eagerness to draft write ups and all the simple phrases that comes into my mind just sift away due to unforeseen circumstances. As my first write up, I want to share this poem when I was ocean's apart...

The world is so round
Far enough to reach you around
Even in my silence
You seems so near
Yet when I open up my eyes
Your voice still lingers in my ears...

It's so sad to know from the start
The two of us are oceans apart
I know someday our roads will cross
Coz life is designed, always for a purpose...

People may think i am in despair
Fooling myself to whatever is real
Of having someone I can never own
It's like facing the strongest wind that has blown
Hard enough to make one fall
To make him realize once and for all...

Life is always a battle
You will never know who wins or loses
The victory is for you to toss
Though losing for you, is another story
What matters most is you did it sincerely
To let the world know that you are worthy...

Let this message fly like a bird
Spreading its wings just to be heard
By someone he misses everyday that passes by
Like the beautiful music of a sweet lullaby...

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